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A circular economy could save the world's economy post-COVID-19

The world's economy is feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic with many industries under threat. Researchers have concluded that adopting circular economy strategies would be the best way for the world's economy to recover, whilst enabling the transition to a low-carbon economy.



For the master students of applied economics in China, “Economics Research Methods” is an important professional basic course. However, the important course of “Economics Research Methods” has many difficulties in the teaching process.

A paper published at the journal of Lifelong Education thinks that the course “Economics Research Methods” is often unsatisfactory because of its abstract nature and high requirements for students’ knowledge reserves. Flipping the classroom has changed the timing of knowledge transfer and knowledge internalization, which is helpful for students to make up for their knowledge reserves, and helps to improve the process of knowledge internalization through active classroom discussions with teachers, and it is more conducive to students to establish economic thinking and knowledge Picture.

Of course, “Economics Research Methods” also requires teachers and students to make active and effective adjustments to their roles when carrying out flipped classrooms.

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