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How to build sustainable business leadership in a post-COVID world

The COVID-19 pandemic will forever change how successful businesses operate and grow. The legitimacy of major commercial organisations—and the people that lead them—are being questioned in new and fundamental ways. There is now an urgent need for a new model of business leader: one that makes the long-term sustainability and resilience of our world a top priority.

Now and in the future, successful businesses will be those that meet the needs of as many people as possible, utilize as few resources as possible and engage and are responsive to as many stakeholders as possible. This is not only the right thing to do but the smart thing to do. Business simply cannot thrive in a world of poverty, inequality, unrest and environmental stress.



Sustainable leadership matters, spreads and lasts. It is shared responsibility, that does not unduly deplete human or financial resources, and that cares for avoids exerting negative damage on the surrounding educational and community environment. In fact, sustainability does not simply mean whether something can last. It addresses how particular initiatives can be developed without compromising the development of others in the surrounding environment, now and in the future.

Sustainable leadership is one of the most valued characteristics that employers and stakeholders are looking for, especially in this new fast changing market. Having a good Leadership sense is essential for the success of a company and for its collaborative working environment. Leadership is usually linked with sustained learning, success, diversity, capacity and maintaining a continuous development of other team members and coworkers.

However, various authors are debating and discussing how we define good and sustainable leadership and what we expect from a leader to do, but few of them are raising the question how we can build and create leaders?

Sara Haddou Amar made a study on the sustainable leadership and work environment, in which an overview of leadership definition and the challenges set by this important and complex concept were proposed. The author proposed a vision based on four pillars to create an adequate environment to build leaders.

The author presented and described our perspective on what we need to provide and establish as a company or a community in order to create an effective team of leaders in the perspective of the new requirements of the market and the expectations of companies.

Read the full paper at the journal of Human Resources Management and Services: