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Global industrial joystick control market gained significant growth in revenue during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

Industrial joystick control is an input device with embedded control concepts in the human-machine interface. It is a sophisticated device that is used to pick, place, and move a heavy object to the required place. It is commonly deployed in mobile machinery to prevent downtime during industrial operations. Industrial joystick control is commonly used in cranes, excavator, forklifts, trucks, electro-hydraulic and material handling systems, steel mill, offshore drilling and to control valves in oil rig. In ports and harbors the application of industrial joystick control is comparatively higher than the other aforementioned applications.

 Currently, the customized industrial joystick control is driving the global market as it is used in various applications and in extreme operations. The installation of industrial joystick control in low-speed heavy duty vehicle is driving the growth of this market. There are news reports that global industrial joystick control market to record significant revenue growth during the COVID-19 lockdown period. 



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