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canada goose uk outlet Not official canada goose outlet all of these are nonbelievers; in fact, I think most of them are either believers who haven found a place to worship or have a diffuse kind of than 1 in 5 Americans is now a self identified member of this group:When asked their “religious preference”, nearly one in four Americans now says “none.” [JAC: it looks closer to20% than 25%.] Up until the 1990s, this group of so called “nones” hoveredin the single digits. May be no religion canada goose outlet uk at all.Here the time course of the trend is clear:An important point to remember as you see the data: each percentage point increase represents a growth of 2.5 million adults.For the three graphs, we see between a one andthree point rise in secularity since 2012, with 7.5 million more people never entering a church or other worship service than just two years earlier.The number of Americans who never darken a church door is also canada goose factory outlet at a new high. Over a third of Americans (34 percent) never attend a worship service (other than weddings and other ceremonies) canada goose uk outlet.