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canada goose clearance Pressure waves canada goose outlet black friday start bunching up together, and create a so called shockwave. If you standing on the ground and the plane flies canada goose outlet shop above you, the wave passes over canada goose jacket outlet you. That the sonic boom. (I hasten to add here that yes, I found Christine Ford accusations credible, but would have voted against Kavanaugh anyway based on his record and his unhinged demeanor on view during the hearings. And Republicans had just as many preconceptions as Democrats.)In one sense, the hearing was theater, not fact finding, because except for a handful of undecided senators, the rest had already made up their mind about the accusation based entirely on their desire to either seat or canada goose outlet uk thwart Kavanaugh. Republicans sought to discredit Ford and quash the airing of her story. canada goose clearance

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