In the movie, not getting into a charter school is the worst thing that can happen to a poor family, but studies have shown that school choice itself matters little to a student’s success shockingly, it’s more about how seriously the students themselves and their families take their education. And that ghetto public school might not actually be so bad: According to administrators from Woodside High School, which the film claims only sends a third of its students to college and only graduates 62 percent of them, the film excluded students who go to out of state colleges in their statistics, and their graduation rate is more like 92 percent. Shit, being left behind is starting to sound awesome..

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canadagoosetomall Canada Goose Parka The review committee members are Catherine (Caty) Pilachowski, a professor of astronomy at Indiana University and past president of the American Astronomical canada goose outlet online uk Society; and three BSU faculty: Gary Dodson, professor of biology; Juli Thorsen Eflin, professor of philosophy; and Richard Fluegeman Jr., professor of geological sciences. Only thing that irks me is that Hedin chair, Thomas Robertson, brushed me aside when I canada goose outlet new york city complained, and it took a complaint from the FFRF to get canada goose outlet store uk the investigation canada goose outlet uk launched. Well, such is the power of that organization, and I glad they interceded. Canada Goose Parka

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