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canada goose store Patient 2 will likely die regardless of whether you treat or not. For whatever reason (resources, time, or beacuse the cases are inextricably linked), you can treat both. So, what do you do? Answer: you treat 1 and not 2. True, some scientists were motivated to find out canada goose outlet canada stuff as a way of revealing God handiwork, but the belief in supernaturalism has held back science far more than it has advanced it (think of the opposition to a heliocentric solar system and to evolution). Further, the methods that religion uses to find its specious are completely incompatible with and inimical to the methods that science canada goose factory outlet uses to findrealtruth. There are many religions, all with conflicting claims, but canada goose outlet store uk there is only one science: a materialistic and godless practice.But I said this many times before. canada goose store

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