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Canada Goose online Indiana governor signs a bill legalizing discrimination against gays and other peopleThe Moral Arc has stopped bending towards justice today, as the governor of Indiana signed a Freedom Restoration bill in which the is canada goose outlet toronto address the freedom to discriminate against people based on your religious beliefs. And the against whom you canada goose outlet england can now discriminate in Indiana were clearly meant to be gays, bisexuals, and transsexuals. Not surprisingly, the bill was signed in secret. As PuffHo reports:The Religious Freedom Restoration Act would allow any individual or corporation to cite its religious beliefs as a defense when sued by a private party. But many opponents of the bill, which included business leaders, argued that it could open the door to widespread discrimination. Business owners who don want to serve same sex couples, for example, could now have legal protections to discriminate.I signed the Religious Freedom canada goose outlet sale Restoration Act, because I support the freedom of religion for every Hoosier of every faith, Pence said in a statement Thursday. Constitution of the United States and the Indiana Constitution both provide strong recognition of the freedom of religion but today, many people of faith feel their religious liberty is under attack by government action. bill received national attention, but Pence signed it with little fanfare in a ceremony closed to the public and the press. usual, the supporters of the bill (Republicans, of course) lied about their intents:Conservative supporters, however, have denied canada goose outlet factory that the bill is about discrimination and instead have argued that religious liberties are under attack.bill is not about discrimination, canada goose outlet trillium parka black and if I thought it legalized discrimination in any way in Indiana, I would have vetoed it, Pence said in his statement Thursday. more than 20 years, the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act has never undermined our nation anti discrimination laws, and it will not in Indiana. not about discrimination? How is that, when it allows you to discriminate against nearly anyone if you can claim that violates your religion? And can people of one faith discriminate against those of another on religious grounds? Can an Orthodox Jewish male legally refuse to sit next to a woman because it violates his canada goose outlet online uk religion? The implications and possibilities for lawsuits are endless.Some businesses are boycotting Indiana, and I have a strong inclination myself to refuse invitations from any public university canada goose outlet store near me in that state. Not that it will make a difference, for Indiana (as we learned from the Ball State issue) is basically a conservative Southern state. But we can express our displeasure.DId the governor used to work for Woolworth lunch counter in the early He would have loved it, pre 1965 deep South, when his kind of people had all the religious freedom they could handle, why, they could even bring out brightly lit crosses for special parties on their neighbor lawns!What the hell is wrong canada goose outlet canada with Indiana?! No, what the hell is wrong canada goose outlet uk sale with this country?! Spend decades fighting for freedoms and civil rights, then turn around and fight to undo them in the name of Stop the world, I wanna get off.It is unlikely that anyone could effectively use legislation like this to justify discrimination, since canada goose vest outlet the case has already been made that the government has the right to protect people from discrimination even when the latter is purportedly justified by religion. The real problem with this legislation is that it puts the onus on the government to justify in each and every canada goose parka outlet uk case that it has a justified reason for “burdening” the religious freedom not just of individuals, but of private corporations. And so, even if current laws ultimately protect victims of discrimination, the new legislation will probably at the very least lead to costly legal battles before canada goose outlet 80 off those laws are upheld in a variety of specific casesI remember all too well the backlash caused by the passage of Amendment 2. Stephen Fry gave Colorado the short shrift just a few years ago 20 years after the fact, despite it getting torn down shortly after (with Scalia, Rehnquist Thomas predictably dissenting).Naturally the peckerwoods who thought up this brilliant idea have learned a thing or two about the Colorado experience, and decided to word it as a religious affirmation, instead of narrowly defining who would get discriminated against. You can be sure canada goose jacket outlet uk that if a case makes it to the Supremes, canada goose outlet edmonton it would be split right along ideological lines. I daresay, depending on the specifics, the law might even be upheld.Next up, canada goose outlet us Indiana will be canada goose outlet niagara falls changing its name to Alabama. This law will never hold up at least not for long. Even though this ignorant fellow in Indiana thinks this is part of his constitutional rights, he is dead wrong. If he could read, and that is doubtful, he should look at the 14th Amendment. This is the one that will remove his canada goose victoria parka outlet discriminatory ways. Kind of the same way it did for other minorities.Funny how these people look to their bibles to find what they think is in the constitution. It kind of a religious constitution that they have illusions about every day.This is a disgusting development.I want a special law making it legal for me to hate and discriminate against people because my religion tells me I should hate them.On a happier note, the company I work for just announced that it has signed (along with 300 other US companies) an amicus brief to the US Supreme Court calling for (directly) nationwide recognition of same sex unions (be they civil unions or marriages).And, the state I live in, 2 years ago, legalized same sex marriages by statute.Progress is being made. We saw the tide turn on this issue in the summer and fall of 2012 (in the US). The final result national recognition seems inevitable to me. It may take time or the canada goose outlet shop SCOTUS may decide this year that what they decided about the (execrably named) DOMA applies to all laws. We can hope for that.The furor surrounding canada goose outlet in chicago this bill is disproportionate to canada goose outlet store new york what the canada goose outlet uk bill actually says certainly does not discrimination, but it does make anti discrimination statutes at the municipal level harder canada goose outlet germany to enforce. What bizarre to me is that 19 other states and the federal government canada goose jacket uk have RFRA in place, but that doesn seem to be a problem. The only real difference with Indiana version is that it can be used between private parties (though state action still must be complained of). I actually supported RFRA as a way to undo Employment Division v. Smith, which I still think is one of the most awful and hypocritical of Justice Scalia decisions, but, as things often do, that has now come around to bit me in the rear.My apologies. You have to read the actual text of the law. I think (?) I allowed to post a PDF link, if not, please remove this and Ceiling Cat forgive me, but it available here:What it basically says, like all other RFRA bills, is that when a person exercise o religion is burdened by a law, the canada goose outlet store toronto government must show that the goal of said law is a compelling government interest and that the law is the least restrictive means of accomplishing that goal. Nothing about discrimination. This was the law everywhere from 1963 until 1990 thanks to Supreme Court precedent. It canada goose outlet website legit says nothing about discrimination. I, for one, think even most conservative canada goose outlet montreal judges would find that anti discrimination laws pass this test.I have to think that the Hasidic jew who wants to avoid being seated with women [Jerry example] IS being and I be surprised if this law doesn support them but I think that privileging this religious prejudice is unjust to the affected parties around them.Similarly for the server whose antipathy for mixed race families is religiously based doesn have a course, this is about religiously bigoted wedding caterers and photographers, so that different??Perhaps the law makes distinctions, but if so, it seems you want to explain this.I don want to make this personal, but I thought you could explain, not just link and make us do the work. Why not illuminate this for us Canada Goose online.