canada goose Tags Amy Huberman dress Good choice Imelda May rixo Television See other tags Tags Amy Huberman and Imelda May wore the same fab dress during their chatshow appearances last night Amy was on the Late Late, while Imelda joined Graham Norton. By Nicola Byrne Saturday 6 Oct 2018 , 10:11 AM Sat 10:11 AM 41,740 Views 2 Comments http://canada goose jackets uk/4271913 Share44 Tweet Email THERE WAS A glitch in the chatshow matrix last night, and it was mostly down to two Irish women. Source: Matt Crossick/PA Wire/PA ImagesWhile Jamie Lee Curtis seemingly appeared on two sofas at once, showing up to chat to Ryan Tubridy as WELL as join Graham Norton’s couch canada goose coat on sale , it was Imelda May and Amy Huberman that was the wildest coincidence of the night.Why?Notice anything strange?  Source: Matt Crossick/PA Wire/PA Images Source: RTEYep, that’s the exact same dress. Bitch stole my look / who wore it better. Amy Huberman & Imelda May in the same Rixo dress on the late late & Graham tonight.— Keavy (@KeavyL) October 5, 2018 Source: Keavy/TwitterIs Imelda May wearing the same dress on #GrahamNorton that Amy Huberman wore on the #LateLateShow? Scarlet.— AmDuffin (@AmDuffin) October 5, 2018 Source: AmDuffin/TwitterAmy appeared on the Late Late to promote her upcoming RTE comedy, Finding Joy. Imelda on the other hand, was in London performing with Jeff Goldblum.They both truly gave the dress the respect of occasion it deserved, and they both looked great in it. Graham even commented that Imelda looked ‘so shiny’.Fancy getting one yourself to get in on the trend? It’s from Rixo and costs £325. Source: RixoPerfect for doing the big shop in.If you missed Imelda’s performance, catch it here:  Source: ViVaHD/YouTube  canada goose outlet is on Instagram! canada goose parka