canada goose Tags callie stardoll hot buys stardoll See other tags Tags 9 things you will remember if you were hopelessly addicted to Stardoll growing up Let’s not even think about the money spent on Stardollars. By Fionnuala Jones Thursday 21 Jun 2018, 9:00 PM Jun 21st 2018, 9:01 PM 2,773 Views No Comments http://canada goose jackets uk/4083114 Share1 Tweet Email STARDOLL WAS THE original social network – for me, anyway. Source: StardollDid it also potentially invent catfishing? Perhaps. I mean, did anyone actually look like they’re MeDoll? Unlikely.After several failed attempts to resurrect my old account (RIP Fiery11), I reminisced on the many hours I spent playing dress-up online, and the effect it had on me growing up.1. You never had credit. Like, ever.It all went on getting Superstar status and Star Dollars. A gal can never have too many (virtual) clothes!2. You fully thought you could chat to Avril Lavigne on it.Avril was one of the first ‘verified’ Stardoll profiles (forget blue ticks, lads!). But did she actually read all your heartfelt DMs? Unlikely.3. The Mary-Kate and Ashley clothes were the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.Like most games, some items on Stardoll are rarer than others. Case in point – any of the cartoon vetements that came with Mary Kate and Ashley’s dress up dolls.After initially being doled out as gifts naslsoccerbowl , the only way a user could get their hands on a piece was through the Starbazaar (which rarely happened). I still dream about the handbag , TBH.4. Callie.Stardoll was the original Siri.Callie.Stardoll is the principal owner of the Stardoll page. When you create an account, Callie leaves a welcome message in your suite. Once you get your first message in your Suite (Even if it’s yours), Callie’s welcome message will be automatically deleted.Just when you think you know someone …5. Some of the minigames were actually kind of hard.You’d need trigger fingers for Celeb Snapshot.6. You were nobody if you didn’t have something from the DKNY store.7. You were always trying to get your friends to write in your guestbook.… So you could compete with all the super popular gals on the site.8. Stardoll users were the ORIGINAL bloggers.Stardoll made it easier than ever for you to write about your real life problems without any fear of your brother reading them. It’s actually where my budding journalism career began. And look at me now, eh? Eh?9. You’d have to have mad poems and sayings on your homepage.Or lyrics, if you were a big emo like me.canada goose outlet is on Instagram! canada goose parka