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Cancer targeted therapy via gene manipulation
Frontline Genomics magazine takes readers into the genome research world at AstraZeneca’s Boston-based Oncology Innovative Medicine Unit for a better understanding of the gene editing technology called CRISPR/Cas9
WCD2016 Special Feature: The lab’s next top model
These little swimmers are capturing the hearts of researchers as model organisms for various scientific studies
WCD2016 Special Feature: Subduing the silent killer
In conjunction of April as the international Head and Neck Cancer Month, meet a group of researchers dedicated to reversing nasopharyngeal cancer
Cancer is not an organ disease – It’s a molecular disease
Next generation sequencing (NGS) is responsible for tremendous advances in how researchers study cancer. However, there is still a lot of work to be done in getting genomic analysis regarded as standard protocol in the clinic.
Cancer susceptibility screening in the era of Next-Gen Sequencing
Advances in high-throughput sequencing: how do they help us understand cancer?
Featured Researcher: A Cancer Research’s Ardent Quest
Dr Ines Vasconcelos’ dedicated mission to combat ovarian and breast cancer

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AMOR Cofactor of BRCA1: A promising genetic marker for common malignant liver cancer
Researchers found strong indication of COBRA1’s involvement in the growth and metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma

AMOR Cancer therapeutic target genes identified on chromosome 20q
Research suggests that multiple genes contribute to cancer patients’ overall survival

JSD Electrodesiccation for dermatosis papulosa nigra
An under-recognized tool is found to be effective in treating common superficial skin lesions

AMOR A bug’s story: H. pylori and stomach cancer
The role of Helicobacter pylori in intestinal metaplasia development of gastric mucosa

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